(LAS VEGAS, NV – January 10, 2020) X League officials have released the below statement in regards to the Nashville Knights.


“We at the X League provided an opportunity for the Nashville Knights to join our newly formed league, provided the team meet the same requirements of other X League teams. Nashville Knights expressed their excitement about joining the X League and as such, the X League proceeded in including the Knights in league promotional materials for the 2020 season.


However, as in any sports league, its individual teams are all provided timelines and deadlines for the league to be able to function properly, which includes meeting the league’s commitment to its broadcasters, its host arenas and stadiums as well fans waiting on the annual schedule and ticket release.


The Nashville Knights continuously missed deadlines that every other X League team adhered to, despite several extensions provided by the X League to the Nashville Knights. At one point the Nashville Knights even missed a self-imposed deadline. As a result of not wanting to jeopardize the inaugural season of the X League by having an uneven number of teams and possible game cancellations, the X League chose to award a team ready to compete and meet league timelines, the Kansas City Force, the opportunity to play in 2020.


As we continue to grow our league in the coming years into (24) US markets, it will be with the understanding that all member teams will be led by competent and trustworthy ownership and management”