(LOS ANGELES, CA – Monday, April 27) X League officials have identified and are building the future of the game centered around athletes that exude passion, a hunger to learn the game, leadership in the locker room, a commitment to give back to their community and a sense of loyalty and responsibility to the sport.


X League will be hosting a meeting this summer with the selected athletes to place them on the path of becoming, ‘The Faces of the Game’ through the league’s ‘Superstars Series’ initiative.


The chosen athletes will be marketed across X League worldwide television broadcasts of its games with features and interviews, upcoming Docuseries, at arenas and stadiums, highlighted across social media platforms with training and lifestyle videos engaging millions of fans, international press tours, exhibition games around the world, product endorsements and with tenure in the league with a demonstrated history, team ownership within their chosen X League franchise.


Each athlete within the ‘Superstars Series’ will be individually trained as to how to build their own brand and position themselves as more than just athletes.


The X League’s ‘Superstar Series’ will focus on building the brand-equity of each chosen athlete, opening up doors for those athletes within the X League as well as outside ventures in television, film, fashion, business and sport.


X League rosters will constantly be watched for emerging athletes to add to the ‘Superstars Series’ program.